Monday, August 26, 2019

08.26.2019 - Monday -

Monday – 08.26.2019 –

    HI sixth graders and welcome to Taylor Middle School.  Thanks for visiting this site where you can find a recap of what we did in class, the assignments, and an outline of our journey so far …

     Middle school is the twenty-seven school months we have to prepare for high school.  I’m privileged to be your teacher and am excited to begin a new school year in the city where I grew up.

     Millbrae is a special place not only for it’s location in the vibrant Bay Area but also as wonderful environment to explore and create and discover your unique interests as we prepare, together, for the adventure of middle and high school.


I.           Introduction: (Daily math review/preview) – Today we reviewer the ideas of SCIENTIFIC NOTATION. 
a.  In out galaxy, there are about 200 billion stars.
b.  Astronomers estimate there are about 200 billion galaxies in or universe.
c.  That means the total number of stars in our universe is about 4.0 x 10^22 – or 40 sextillion. That’s a four with twenty-two zeros after it!

II.        “Math Lab”
a.  In our math lab today we continued with finding the length, width, and average height of this classroom.  (The “average height” is tricky because ceiling is not a uniform height.

III.    Math homework / assignment –
a.  Textbooks were distributed and our homework is page seven and to “flip-a-coin” and chose one of the figures from page eight. No more than one-half hour on the homework please. If it takes longer than that set it aside as we’ll review it in class tomorrow. Homework is meant to be practice, not a burden.


I.  Introduction: Current events:
a.  Two notes on the current fired burring in the Amazon rain forest.
                                           i.     Farmers are setting fires to clear land for cattle.
                                       ii.     About one fifth of the oxygen on our atmosphere comes from the rain forest.

II.        Notes – LIFE
a.  A review of the Viking landers which reached Mars on the 1970’s
                                           i.     Students were in table groups and asked that, if they were on the engineering team for the Mars landers, what TESTS could you do to determine of there was LIFE on Mars.
                                       ii.     In other words, how can we determine of something is ALIVE?

III.    HOMEWORK – (To be completed on notebooks.) – Observation skills –

a.  Image you go back in time 100 years and find yourself among people who believe our Earth is as flat as a pancake.  Assuming you can communicate with them, what evidence could you use to try to show that or EARTH is, really, a sphere?

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