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Week 2 – Day 4 –

I.  Math – Perimeter, Area, Volume.
A.  Perimeter:  The distance around a two-dimensional geometric figure.
     B.  Area: Of a square or rectangle – length x width.
     C.  Student worked with their table group and shared strategies for pages seven and eight:  tiling patterns.  A key strategy was to break the pattern into smaller pieces – “simpler” shapes.

II.  Notes – the coordinate system.
     A.  “X” and “Y” Axis.
     B.  The origin – The point (0,0) where the axis’ (two number lines) cross at a right angle.
     C. Quadrants – Four quadrants traditionally written with roman numerals – I, II, III, and IV.

III.  Homework –
     A.  The first three questions on area and perimeter from the worksheet. Remember to use the strategy of breaking the figure into simpler shapes.

I.  Science - Life and current events.
     A.  The Amazon is important for;
          1. Medicines.
          2. Biodiversity
          3. Releasing oxygen and curbing human-caused global climate change.

     B.  Life – Characteristics of;
          1.  Reproduction.
          2. Metabolism.
          3.  Makes / consumes food.

          4.  Responds to stimuli.

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