Tuesday, September 3, 2019

09.03.2019 - Tuesday - Math -

09.03.2019 – Tuesday – Math –
I.  Warm up:  A quick, word-problem, challenge to introduce/review the concept of CONVERSION FACTORS. These are important in both math and science.
         A.  Word problem of how long it would take Los Angeles to be next to San Francisco of the San Andreas Fault is moving the cities about two inches closer – on average – each year?

B.    We’ll jump back into “Open Up – 2.2 – Comparing Shapes – “ tomorrow. Students had a bit more practice on area, perimeter, and working backwards (key problem-solving skill) to calculate the length of a side of a square given the area.
C.     Perimeter and area practice work sheet was assigned. Some students completed it in class. If not completed in class it “rolls over” into homework.

II.  REMINDER: A basic calculator is required for this math class.

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