Tuesday, September 10, 2019

09.10.2019 - Tuesday - All classes recap

09.10.2019 – Math / Science / STEAM

I. Math
         A.  We passed back our most recent quiz and reviewed the test correction procedure. Tests are due back by Thursday with corrections.
         B. The question on the recent quiz about how many “small” triangles make one square unit was a bit unclear and answers of 1/16 and 1/32 were both accepted as correct. The grades will be updated Thursday.
         C. Some examples of decomposing figures to determine area and perimeter.
         D. This week’s optional, extra-credit, was made available. It is due Friday.
         E. Homework: Complete he unit on parallelograms.

II. Science
         A.  Current events
                           1.  One note on hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones.
                           2.  One on the Indian mission to our moon.
         B.  Cells
                           1.  Five facts and an overview of the vocabulary terms from “Bill Nye – Cells.”
         A.  Scale model houses should be secured to their “land” and a compass rose should be added.
                           1.  A brief lesson on considerations in building a house, including the height of the sun in the sky at various times of year and the direction the house faces.

                           2.  Five STEAM questions on building your own house.

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