Wednesday, September 11, 2019

09.11.2019 - Math -

09.11.2019 – Wednesday – Math

I.    Notes on multiplying fractions
a.     Unlike addition or subtraction, there’s no need to find a common denominator when multiplying fractions.
b.    When dividing fractions we take the reciprocal of the second fraction (the DIVISOR) and, then, multiply as usual.
c.     While teaching eight-grade math last year a number of students tried to rely on calculators to convert fractions into decimals before performing arithmetic on the fractions. We will NOT be using calculators to work with fractions. We’ll be practicing working with rational numbers.

II. Class work and homework
a.     Goal for the homework is pages 49 through 55. Be sure to arrive at class with any questions you may have on the homework.

III.      Test corrections are due tomorrow.

IV.         Optional Extra Credit is due Friday.

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