Wednesday, September 11, 2019

09.11.2019 - Science -

09.11.2019 – Wednesday –

I.    Current Events:
a.     A very brief clip from “Brainpop” and “CNN Student News” (5 minutes) on the events of 9/11 , 2001. 
b.    Current events often has stories of international relations. No notes required for this part of the class.

II. Triple Beam Balance
a.     Brief notes on the three beams of the balance and how to use careful lab procedures to carry, handle, and use the triple beam.
b.    Our triple Beam balances measure the MASS of an object.
c.     The IS a difference between mass and weight.

III.      LAB
a.     Students were asked to find the mass of eight objects.
1.     Paper clip
2.    1 seed
3.    Graduated cylinder
4.    Golf ball
5.    Toy car
6.    Coin
7.    Pencil
8.    Ten seeds

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