Monday, September 16, 2019

09.16.2019 - Science -

09.16.2019 – Science –
I.  Current Events:  Two (2) on oil (fossil fuels.)
         A.  Oil comes from the remains of once-living things.
         B. Oil and coal are similar. They are both made, mainly, of Carbon.

II.  Observation:  Seeds
         A.  We added water to seeds last Thursday and today we observed the first stages of germination.
         B.  Students drew a picture of their seeds and described the first stages.
         C. More on water and how essential it is for the chemical reactions of life.

III.  A very brief clip from the beginning of “The Martian” – The fictional story has a stranded astronaut survive on Mars by growing potatoes. 

IV.  Students should continue their moon observations.

V.  Study guide for our first unit test will be on the board tomorrow.

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