Tuesday, September 17, 2019

09.17.2019 - Tuesday -

Science 09.17.2019 – Tuesday –
Study Guide for Thursday’s open-note test

I.  Current Events:
            A.  One note on the busiest airport in the world.
            B.  One more note on hypersonic speed.

II.  Study Guide – Things we’ve covered that will be on Thursday’s test.
            A.  Key vocabulary terms
                        1. Cell
                        2.  Bacteria
                        3.  Cell Membrane
                        4.  Cytoplasm
                        5.  Prokaryote
                        6.  Eukaryote
                        7.  Nucleus
            B.  Elements found in living things.
                        1. Remember our C-H-O-N color-in handout.

            C.  Why is WATER essential (important) for life?
            D.  Characteristics of living things. “How do we know if something is alive?”
            E.  One fact from Current Events.  (Our Current Events always related to something we study this year.)

- Students had time to be sure they’ve completed the text pages 5, 10, 15, 16 and 23 through 26.  We also had a moon observation as our moon is a waning gibbous currently – It was setting around 9:00 am today.

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