Friday, September 20, 2019

09.20.2019 - Friday -

09.20.2019 – Math / Science / STEAM

I.      Math:  A brief quiz on area of triangles and parallelograms.
a. In-class assignments on finding the third interior angle of a triangle when the measure of the other two angles in known.

II.    Math Notes

a.     In all triangles the interior angles sum to 180 degrees.
b.     If a triangle has one angle in 90 degrees it is called a RIGHT triangle.
c.     If a triangle has all three angles less than 90 degrees in is an ACUTE triangle.
d.     If a triangle has an interior angle that is GREATER than 90 degrees it is a, OBTUSE triangle.

   III.  Math homework – Pages 98, 99, and 100.
            a.  Important – Students were given a multi-page math packet that is for class work. The focus is on perimeter and area. It’s not assigned as homework. It’s meant as supplemental classroom practice. Thanks.

   IV. Science: Open note test followed by seed observation and inquiry.

a.     Students were asked to speculate on and draw the seeds we grew in class.
b.     A brief clip of “The Martian” to highlight the difference between dirt and soil. Soil is composed of some non-living and some living material.
c.     In “The Martian” the fictional astronaut, Mark Watney, has to find a source of bacteria before attempting to grow potatoes on Mars

d.     Our current events focused on the equinox! Fall begins Monday, the 23rd.

   V. STEAM:  A web search on flight and paper airplane design followed by a paper airplane building session.

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