Tuesday, September 24, 2019

09.24.2019 - recap -

09.24.2019 – Tuesday –

I.  Math:  Polygons, Area, Surface Area.
            A.  Warm – up / class work:  Students worked on area questions where the area could be found by either decomposing the figure or using the area formula.  The sheet was composed of questions from a quiz we had last week and we wanted to check progress on understanding area.

            B.  Notes: We took the notes on an open page in our text.  The notes were on the edges and vertices of polygons. (See below.)

              C.  We went through the edges and vertices from the last homework. Tonight our goal is through 109 in our text.
II.  Science: Cell Organelles – Structure and function –
            A.  Current Events: Two notes on coal: 
                        1.  Coal is still the primary source of electricity in the world.
                        2.  Coal is a fossil fuel; meaning it comes from the remains of one-living things. By burning coal we add carbon to our atmosphere and increase the temperature of our biosphere. Coal and methane emissions drive global climate change.

            B.  Cell parts and function:
                        1.  Students had two “cut and pastes” for their notebooks.  We’ll return to “The Martian” in a bit. While students learn what the various parts of a cell do we are trying to build some context for the definitions – otherwise it is just rote memorization. For example – Proteins and vacuoles – Beyond color-in sheets students need to have an idea of the importance of these organelles. Otherwise it’s just remembering things to pass a test.  Our next test is an open note assessment this Friday.

III.  STEAM – Aeronautical Engineering –

            A. Today we flew our paper airplanes for distance, outside the classroom, and then returned to the class for a brief lesson on variables in an experiment.

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