Wednesday, September 25, 2019

09.25.2019 - Wednesday -

09.25.2019 – Math / Science / STEAM


I.  Math:  Polygons / Prisms / Angles
         A.  Warm up / class work:  Students worked o making their own ACUTE, OBTUSE, and RIGHT triangles along with parallelograms and triangles that have a specific area. (Goal: When students create their own questions and answers they gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.)

         B.  Notes:  Polygons.
                  1.  The difference between edges and vertices.
                  2.  The difference between exterior and interior angles.
                  3.  Naming angles.
                           i.)  … with one letter, showing the vertex.
                           ii)  … with three letters - the vertex as the middle letter.

         C.  Video clip (4 min) Platonic Solids – Prisms
         D.  Homework:  Complete the glossary on page 115 (Definitions) Attempt pages 112 – 114 – We’ll be reviewing those as a class tomorrow.

II.  Science:  Cells / Consumers / Producers
         A.  “The Martian”  - Mark Watney grows potatoes in Martian dirt; turning it into soil by adding bacteria. Plants will not grow in dirt. Soil contains fungi, protests, and bacteria – ALL essential for plants.
         B.  Plants are PRODUCERS. They do this amazing thing called PHOTOSYNTHESIS – Taking sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water and recombining the atoms to produce sugar. They cast off oxygen in the process; which is great for us animals for that whole “breathing” thing.
         C.  CONSUMERS (Animals) Eat producers or eat something that eats producers. Think about cows. They have the ability to digest plant grass directly (something we can’t do because we lack the necessary enzymes to break it down. Don’t worry – we’ll learn about enzymes in four weeks. Our focus is CONSUMERS, PRODUCERS, PLANT CELLS, and ANIMAL CELLS.

         A.  Flight Web Search #2:  We were going to fly our airplanes outside again today but it was 91 degrees Fahrenheit and completing our web search seemed good for today along with completing the last five minutes of the brief “Mythbusters” Episode on Helium Footballs.

         B.  The “Mythbusters” did an excellent job of illustrating VARIABLES in an experiment.

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