Thursday, September 26, 2019

09.26.2019 - Thursday -

Summary and tomorrow’s quizzes

I.  Math: We built paper prisms and measured their volume and surface area to the nearest centimeter.
            A.  Open note quiz tomorrow. The focus is;
                        1.  Triangles
                                    i) Acute
                                    ii) Obtuse
                                    iii)  Right
                                    iv)  Total measure of interior angles.
            B. Naming angles.
            C.  Area formula. (2 dimensional)
                        1. Square
                        2.  Rectangle
                        3. Triangle
            D. Surface area.
                        1.  Cubes
                        2.  Rectangular prisms.
            E. Polygons.
                        1.  Edges
                        2. Vertices

II.  Science: 
            A.  Current Events: California Sea Otters.
            B.  Tomorrow’s open notes quiz: We’ve only begun learning the functions of the organelles inside plant and animal cells. Tomorrow quiz will only focus on;
                        1.  Consumers vs. Producers
                        2.  The organelles that are UNIQUE to plant or animal cells. (Which ones do they share and which ones do they NOT share.)
                        3.  The one organelle with which students should be familiar, and know the function of, is the nucleus.

                   C. A bit on “The Martian” to introduce PROTEINS.  Tomorrow’s focus will be on PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

            A.  An experiment to continue with VARIABLES. Does changing the weight on the end of a string cause the pendulum to swing faster or slower. (Or no change.)

            B.  Video clip on running an experiment to determine the diameter of Earth.

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