Friday, September 27, 2019

09.27.2019 - Recap -


I.  Math: 
            A.  Two-part assessment today:
                        1.  Quiz on triangles. Acute, Obtuse, and Right.
                        2.  Check on the classwork / homework:  Students were building cubes and tetrahedrons in class and were asked to calculate the volume and surface area for each. The assessment checked to be sure the work in their books was completed.

            B. Computer work day – Students had tome to begin lesson 14 on using “nets” to find surface area.

II.  Science:
            A. Brief, open-note quiz on the differences between plant and animals cells. Next week we’ll be working on structure and function of each organelle.
            B.  A 17 minute clip from “The Martian” focusing on the science crosscutting concepts of systems and, specifically, how Watney’s “HAB” on Mars is a small, self-contained system. Our Earth is a larger version of the “HAB.” 
            C.  Final focus on proteins as building blocks in our bodies. We’ll be learning what organelles make proteins.

            A.  Some more flight testing today; this time going for maximum “Hang time.”

            B.  We continued our theme of VARIABLES in any science and engineering practice.

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