Monday, September 30, 2019

09.30.2019 - Monday - Recap

09.30.2019 - Monday - 

  1. Math - Nets and Surface Area.
    1. Warm up:  Students constructed a rectangular prism and a triangular prism (nets cut-out). Students are to calculate both the VOLUME and the SURFACE AREA of each in the notes.
    2. Prisms: Description / Clarification:  Imagine taking a polygon and moving it “through space” so each vertex makes a line.

          II.  Notes and examples of “Nets” 
                      A.  Cutting and unfolding three dimensional figures and labeling / measuring the lateral sides and base.

          III.  Homework
              A.  Pages 122 through 126 from “Open Up Resources.”


  1. Science:  - Photosynthesis and the (obvious) importance of the sun!
    1. We had a few notes on proteins and how the DNA directs cells to manufacture proteins in the ribosomes.
    2. Proteins are important molecules for a wide variety of functions.  The are, in turn, made from smaller molecules called Amino Acids.  
    3. Amino Acids link in chains (Polymers - “Many Parts”) to for proteins.
    4. “The Martian” - A run down of the science from the movie.
      1. The biology
      2. The physics.

          II STEAM.
             A.  Our second paper airplane “fly off.” This one going for “hang the” over distance.
             B.  Begin our unit on bridges.

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