Monday, September 9, 2019

Science - 09.09.2019 - Monday -

O9.09.2019 Science – Monday –

I.  Observation: Properties of water.
         A.  We had some drops of water on waxed paper an observed how the water tended to stick together and was repelled by the paper; much like a car after it’s been waxed.
         B.  Wax is very similar to fat or LIPIDS. Cells have a lipid layer that makes them like little “bubbles” of water.
         C.  The water molecule is POLAR – It has a positive and a negative side. Water molecules tend to stick together. Almost like tiny magnets.

II.  The second part of the class had students observe food coloring dropped into water. Students were asked if it was possible to avoid having the food coloring mix with water.
         A.  Atoms and molecules are always moving.
         B.  Water is a SOLVENT.
         C.  The food coloring will eventually mix no matter what – so long as the water is above ABSOLUTE ZERO! (But, that’s for eighth grade chemistry J)

III.  Finally, student used our in-class textbooks to make a list of the similarities and differences between PLANT cells and ANIMAL cells.
         A.  Plant cells have vacuoles to store water.
         B.   Plant cells have cell walls to help the plant stay rigid.

         C.  Animal cells have lysosomes to help remove waste.

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