Thursday, October 10, 2019

10.10.2019 - Thursday - Science and Math -

10.10.2019 - Thursday - Science - 

  1. Current events:  
    1. The Nobel Prize is currently being awarded. We learned a bit about Alfred Nobel and the origin of the prize.
    2. One note on recycling and plastics. Ninety one percent of the plastic EVER thrown away has NOT been recycled.
II.  Eight facts on one of our eleven body systems -  the skeleton.
A.  Adults have 206 bones
B.  Skeleton is made of living tissue.
C.  Broken bones can repair themselves.
D.  Bones ‘anchor’ the muscles and tendons.
III LAB - Part one of an investigation into our respiratory and circulatory systems. We took our resting heart rate and our heart rate after exercise.  We’ll use these number tomorrow to chart and check independent vs. dependent variables.

0.10.2019 - Math - 

  1.  Math - Text pages 23 - 28 and the “Are You Ready For More?”  
  2. Notes:
    1. Ratios:  We reviewed the number system from Natural Numbers through Whole and Rational Numbers and, finally, a bit on irrational numbers.
    2. A few notes and examples on cross multiplication.
    3. An introduction to algebraic expressions.

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