Monday, October 21, 2019

10.21.2019 - Monday -

10.21.2019 – Monday –

I.  Math:         
         A.  Class work (warm up) :  A review / preview. Students were asked to use rulers and draw a square with an area of 25 square centimeters. A rectangle with a perimeter of 25 centimeters; then a square with an area twice as large as the previous square. (Practice with perfect squares and approximating square roots. Students should know their perfect squares through 100.)

         B.  Class work and homework:  Students had some notes o interpreting speed and time graphs which relates to the UNIT RATE from our work on LESSONS 8 and 9.

         C.  Algebra corner:  Some students and parents have expressed interest in introducing algebra concepts. While it’s not tested on, or the focus of the class, we’re incorporating an algebra tie-in each day. Today we briefly showed the speed (rate) = distance /  time equation.

II.  Science:
         A.  Current Events: Two on the all-female spacewalk. Since the last Apollo Mission visited our moon in 1972, humans have not been more than about 250 miles form Earth; although we have sent robot explorers beyond our solar system.

         B LAB:  We’re studying the NERVOUS SYSTEM. We had some notes on the brain and the central and peripheral nervous system.  Then we moved into a lab activity where students tested their threshold for feeling nerve stimuli along our forearms.

         C.  We touched on reaction time and will do a brief lab on nerve impulses tomorrow. We did the classic test of trying to catch a dollar dropped between two fingers for reaction time. (Nobody won the dollar J - Homework is text pages 143 through 145.


         A. Students wrapped up their bridges and some students began on the next unit, which is on boats and waves. Bridges have been painted and named.

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