Tuesday, October 22, 2019

10.22.2019 - Tuesday -


  1. Math:  Ratios and Unit Rates. (With a bit on Conversion Factors.)
    1. Class practice: Calculating UNIT RATES - Ratios where the denominator is one (unit.) For example; If someone spends three dollars for four pounds of bananas, how much do bananas cost per pound.
    2. We touched on conversion factors as students use them, frequently, both in science class and algebra.  It’s also related to cross products and cross cancelling.
    3. Homework - Unit 2, Lesson 9.

II    Science:  Continuing with human body systems, focusing on the nervous system.
      A.  Current Events: CNN 10 happened to have a brief story on adaptive technology, which was a good place to give an example of what can happen when a person’s spinal cord is damaged.
      B.  LAB: Students performed a lab on reaction time. We tested a hypothesis as to who has faster reaction times and will relate this to both the scientific method and the nervous system.
      C.  Homework - Reading on the nervous system from our science text and averaging our results from today’s lab.

III.   STEAM:  Transition to unit on water, boats, and waves.
       A.  A change of lesson as building groups are changed for the new unit. An overview of forces using Bill Nye - One of the major forces we will be studying in this unit is buoyancy.

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