Monday, January 6, 2020

01.06.2020 - Science -

01.06.2020 - Monday -  Science class -

  1. Science:  
    1. Current Events:  Two (2) notes on the fires current burins in Australia.  The fires are a result of lower, warmer fire seasons and are tied to climate change.  We’ve seen fires in the Amazon last trimester and both of these events release carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
    2. Notes:  (Theme - EVIDENCE in science). A brief recap of the discovery, by the father/son team of Luis and Walter Alvarez (UC Berkeley) of the metal element Iridium found at a fossil layer where dinosaurs became extinct.  Iridium is more common in asteroids than here on the surface of our Earth and this helped give evidence to the argument that a large asteroid may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  
    3. Students took some brief notes on the Periodic Table. A very basic introduction just to familiarize students with the shape, size, and purpose of the table.
    4. Assignment:  Research and extinct plant or animal.
      1. WHEN did it thrive?
      2. WHAT, likely, caused it to go extinct.

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