Tuesday, January 7, 2020

01.07.2020 - Tuesday -


  1. Science:  
    1. Current Events:  Two (2) notes on Antarctica.  The deepest place on land was found on the continent of Antarctica.  
    2. Discussion of the difference between Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean.  Time to discuss climate change and the thinning of the Arctic ice sheet.  A good tie in with todays concept of ENERGY and sea level rise.
    3. Notes:  ENERGY as being about movement. Yesterday we review molecules and atoms and today we had notes and a color-in diagram sheet on how molecules move in solids, liquids, and gasses.
    4. Bringing the discussion full circle we related ENERGY to sea level rise and climate change as water molecules take up more space - increase in volume - as ocean temperatures increase and water is added to the oceans from melting glaciers.
II.  Math:
A.  Warm up / Classwork:  Practice with substituting values for variables and introducing algebraic expressions.  
B.  Review of calculating percents.
C.  Notes:  Deeper discussion (begun yesterday) on how to divide mixed numbers and fractions.  
D.  Homework - Unit 4, Lesson 4. - We’ll review tomorrow in class.  

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