Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Wednesday 01.08.2020

01.08.2020 - Science and Math recap …
We have less time on Wednesdays so no notes but a good day for science and math crossover and being sure we’re on the same page.  In Science we’re beginning a new book; “Stemscopes” as textbook publishers and school districts keep up with the NGSS. (Next Generation Science Standards.)

  1. Math:  “Math in Science” from our Science books. Eight questions, in class, involving.
    1. … converting percents to decimals.
    2. … converting between meters and centimeters.
    3. … setting up ratios.
    4. … dividing with rational numbers.
II.  Students had today (and tonight) to be sure you’re up through Unit 4, Lesson 4.

III.  Science:  The unit we’re beginning in Stemscopes addressed Ocean Currents so we began with energy and energy transfer. A theme, throughout this year, has been water and its’ unique characteristics that make it critical for life.

A.  Current events:  The earthquake in Puerto Rico and more on the fires in Australia. The earthquakes ties in with plate tectonics and the climate-change induced fires in Australia tie-in with extinctions.
B.  Six facts - chosen but the students - on Astrobiology and how conditions came together on Earth to create conditions for life. Some of the possible facts were;
1.  Plate tectonics recycle materials and provide chemicals for life on Earth.
2.  We’ve been looking for water on Mars because that is where it might be possible to find life.
3.  There are other liquids that might be the basic for life. For example, Titan - a moon of Jupiter - has liquid methane and ethane that flows like the water here on Earth.
4.  Water helps redistribute the heat energy on Earth.  
5.  Earth is just the right distance from the sun for LIQUID water. (The “Goldilocks zone.”)
6.  Water is The Universal Solvent - it helps chemicals mix and react.

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