Tuesday, May 14, 2024

May 14th - Final Exam overview

 Final Exam Study Guide- 

One page of notes - Front and Back - Allowed for the Final Exam- 

Please Turn in your page with the test.

  1. The Kingdoms of Life - How many - Describe each- 
  2. Plankton and the food pyramid - Producers vs Consumers - Heterotrophs and Autotrophs.
  3. Similarities and differences between plant, animal, fungal, and bacteria cells.
  4. Subatomic particles - The relative size and charge of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
  5. The conservation of matter and energy.
  6. Displaying data on a chart in science. Where do we place the independent and dependent variables?
  7. Natural vs Artificial Selection.
  8. Season and tide - what causes each?
  9. Age of the universe and age of earth
  10. The Law of Superposition.
  11. Fossils - What are the types and variety of fossils?
  12. The rock cycle. Types of rock and what drives the rock cycle.
  13. Evidence for evolution.
  14. Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.
  15. The Engineering Design Process and Scientific Method.
  16. Our most recent chapter on the nervous and endocrine systems including - Central vs Peripheral Nervous System. What comprises the endocrine system. What does each system do and how are messages sent in each system. (Neurons vs. Hormones.)
  17. The electromagnetic spectrum.
  18. Isotopes - what are they?