Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Week #7 - Quiz and Spot Check -

 HI Scientists; The Science Spot Check, for this Week (Week #7) are the twelve Key Terms - definitions - Please be sure to use your notes for the 20 question quiz. One attempt on this quiz please. Take your time. Notes from today will be posted asap. Happy Wednesday -

Access Code:
Scott Forbes
PS .. Quiz #5 is open through Friday ...

Saturday, September 25, 2021

09.24.2021 - Pics from the board ...

 ... wrapped up "The Martian" in class and checked out Newton's Third Law as the Hermes returned to Mars to recuse astronaut Mark Watney ...

Monday, September 20, 2021

09.20.2021 - Monday -

 Hi Scientists; Below is the YouTube link for today's video recap and attached are screen shots from the board. Note the ten Key Terms for Week #6. Check out the Full Moon this evening if you get a chance. Predict, based upon our moon observations, what phase will the moon show us this Halloween?

I'll post a write up that recaps our use of "The Martian" to study soil, radioactive decay, and chemical reactions. The seventh grade standards incorporate engineering and we're touching on a bit of chemistry and Newton's Laws.
Happy Monday! ... Scott Forbes

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Notes to accompany "The Martian" 09.15.2021 - Wednesday -


09.15.2021 - Wednesday -

 Hi Scientists: Below is the link and access code for this week's quiz. Also, for anyone who missed - or wants to retake - the quizzes from Weeks three and four, they are open again. All are open through the end of day, Friday. Remember, we have two grades per week; an online quiz and a spot check. Our spot check - this week - is to send a pic/scan of your notes from TUESDAY, 09.14.2021.

Week #5 quiz (this week):
Access code: LB6YA7D
Week :4 quiz:
Access code:
Week #3 quiz:
Access code:
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
Scott Forbes

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Back to School night and today's notes

 Hi Scientists ... Two video links today. The first is our Welcome Back (Back to School Night) video with an overview of our seventh grade science class.

This next link will take you to a recap of today's notes ...
We, as usual, have two assignments due this week: our weekly quiz and a note check. The quiz is posted in the Google Classrooms (it's online and open through Sunday, although I encourage everyone to complete the quiz by the end of school Friday.) Our note-check this week is the Key Terms for Week #4. There's ten Key Terms and these will take us through Week #5.
Have a great evening. Today's notes are attached and also in Google Classroom. Also at
Scott Forbes

09.09.2021 - Thursday - Quiz and notes check

 Hi Scientists;

Our Week #4 quiz is now on-line and ready to take. I'll paste the link, and access code, below. The awesome PSD tech team has cleared the test site to be used within the district so you may take the quiz at home OR school now. Remember, you get two attempts (if you like.) Only the higher of the two test attempts is recorded in the gradebook. Also, the quiz from last week is, again, open through Friday.
Our "spot check" - this week - is a picture of your ten definitions for Week #4. (These definitions will carry us through Week #5 as well.)

'hope you're having a wonderful week!

Test Link:

Access Code: K2FGAT

Scott Forbes