Thursday, October 27, 2022

October 27th - Thursday -

 Hi Scientists;

Attached are today's notes (one board only) and pics from our guest Scientist visit. We guided the students through a gravity demonstration. Yesterday we checked out local pond water and the protists that live here in San Pedro Valley Creek.
Important: The week #11 quiz is live through Sunday . (The link is in the Google Classroom and at
Also, pages 91-94, from our HMH books are due tomorrow.
Have a good Thursday everyone!
Scott Forbes -

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Oct. 25th (continued)

 Hi Scientists;

Attached are a few pics of our HMH book, in-class Animal Cells sheet, and Week #11 Key terms (Concepts.)
The HMH assignment is pages 91-94 (Due Friday.) Legos on the color-in sheet today were used in class to compare Amino Acids and proteins (monomers and polymers) Finally, the fish tank was filled with a few gallons of fresh water followed by a pint of pond water from Linda Mar (near the Ace Hardware.) It's become quite a protist party so tomorrow we'll be looking at our once-celled friends under our microscopes. Students will be challenged to distinguish between producers and consumers. (And, some protists that can do both!)
Happy Tuesday!
Scott Forbes -

October 25th - Week #11 - Tuesday -


October 24th - Week #11 - Key Concepts and notes on water and cells ...


Saturday, October 15, 2022

Week #9 - Quiz -


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10.15.2022 - Week #9 recap -

 Science - Week #9 - 

The Martian - recap - tie-ins with the notes.

  1. Newton’s Laws:  Students were asked why the “Hermes” can’t simply turn around and get Mark Watney - Inertia and Newtons Laws - space ships carry very little fuel once they’ve used the bulk of their propellent to reach space.
  2. Friction - Scientists guest visit on Thursday highlighted FRICTION. In space there’s almost no friction. Once the Hermes starts back towards Earth, Newton’s First Law tells us the ship will travel at the same speed for the several-month journey home.
  3. Watney has to travel more than 3,000 kilometers and stay warm on his journey. (That would be like taking a rover from San Francisco to Kansas.) Recall our unit on RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES: Watney digs up an old radioactive battery. (Radioactive batteries are used for space travel because they are long-lasting.) While not good as a battery, any more, decaying radioactive isotopes still release HEAT. Recall “Uranium.” By Derek Muller.
  4. LIGHT: The SPEED OF LIGHT is a constant. (300,000 kilometers per second - That’s 186,000 miles per second.) Students were challenged to find the time for a radio signal to go between Earth and Mars. (The distance between the two planets can vary from 50 million kilometers to 400 million kilometers.) Use the version of the SPEED equation where TIME is by itself and “pop” in the values (Speed of light and distance.) It can take from, about, five to 20 minutes for a signal to go between Earth and Mars. (Remember - Radio waves, Microwaves, Gamma Rays, X-Rays, etc. are all forms of LIGHT.)
  5. Chemistry - ORGANIC MATERIAL - Watney uses human waste to turn Martian DIRT into SOIL. Recall “The Biggest Little Farm.” Microorganisms are essential for growing plants - in his case, potatoes. A starchy tuber. Overall, experiments show it IS possible to grow potatoes in the way shown in the movie. However, a diet of only starch would not have protein or fats and a person would - quickly - lose a great deal of muscle mass.
  6. Chemical reactions: Watney (Matt Damon) burns Hydrazine (rocket fuel)using a CATALYST. Catalysts help a chemical reaction to occur (recall catalytic converters). Similar to the reaction we studied with HYDROGEN burning to yield WATER and heat.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

10.04.2022 - Tuesday -

 Hi Scientists;

Some social studies tie-ins today as we look more deeply at soil and the living ecosystem healthy soil contains.
We gave a very brief background on "The Grapes of Wrath" (which you'll read in high school) and the farming practices that denuded the soil of healthy microorganisms and biodiversity and how California may be setting itself up for the same scenario.
Also, this will lay more groundwork for understanding "The Martian" and our next unit on cells.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Scott Forbes

Monday, October 3, 2022

10.03.2022 - Monday - Week #8


  1. OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT: Pages 75,76,77, and 78 Complete, staple together, and turn in by October 10th (Monday.) From our HMH - California Science Dimensions book.