Friday, October 22, 2021

October 22nd - Board Pics -

 Hi Scientists; Beginning with an apology here for no video this week. 'wanted to do a youtube today but was knocked out by a migraine .... they pop up once in a while. At least we all have a weekend to recoup. :-) Board pictures attached from today. We broke out the large microscopes and checked out cell walls. The species of the day was Canada Geese, which are - again - visiting campus. Next week (Wednesday) our guest scientists will be teaching about polymers and plastics. Thanks to the students who have picked up those tiny plastic beads for recycle on campus. You're saving wildlife in the oceans! (...and earning extra credit.) Finally, please remember the online, Week #10 quiz and the optional, extra credit / makeup quiz (which is on-line until the 30th) Have a WONDERFUL weekend! -

Thursday, October 21, 2021

October 21st ... Note home / Optional extra assignment / Board pics

 Hi Scientists; Attached are pictures from today's notes on the board. Also a picture taken about an hour ago of one of our Red tailed Hawk friends on the yard. Below is a link to an optional, extra credit assignment. It's ffour questions (short answer) - Twenty points. It will be open only though October 30th. All notes for this week are in your Google Classroom. The blog ( is updated in the evenings as the school servers do not access the blogs through Google. Have a wonderful Thursday!
Test Access Code: S53P95N
Scott Forbes