Thursday, March 16, 2023

Week #27 Quiz - 20 questions - True / False

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Week #27 quiz study guide


Week #27 Recap / Study Guide

1. Longitude vs Latitude lines ...
2. The speed of light.
3. The speed of sound in air.
4. The speed of sound in dense MEDIUMS as compared with air. 5. The Cochlea ... Shape and function.

6.  Where are the smallest bones in the human body? (Which
section of our ear?)
7.  Ear lobe. Why does it have that shape? (Remember - Form
follows function)
8.  Doppler shift. How does the Doppler effect show itself in
sound and in light? (Red shift - Blue shift - High vs low pitch)
9.  Pi ... How do we calculate Pi and what is a good approximation
of the value?
10.  Formula: Volume and surface area of spheres and cylinders.
11.  Parallax. What is it and how do we determine the distance
to stars using parallax?
12.  Hertz (Hz) - What is this unit?
13.  Remember to complete your Venn diagram ... Light vs Sound
14.  The wave equation.
15.  The equation to calculate speed.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023