Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Final Exam Study Guide

 Final Exam Study Guide - Seventh Grade Science - B1

Spring - 2023 - 

  1. Plankton and the oceans. The importance of plankton in the ocean food web.
  2. Plant cells vs Animal cells. What are the similarities and differences?
  3. What are the SIX Kingdoms of life?
  4. Evidence for atoms.
  5. Difference between potential and kinetic energy.
  6. Structure of an atom. (Protons, Neutrons, and electrons.)
  7. Conservation of Matter and Energy.
  8. Displaying data in science. (Graphing and the difference between independent and dependent variables.)
  9. The scientific method and how it relates to the Engineering Design Process.
  10. Plate tectonics. Evidence for moving plates and how plates influenced evolution.
  11. Charles Darwin and evidence for evolution. The difference between natural and artificial selection.
  12. Layers of the atmosphere.
  13. Ocean health. What challenges are humans forcing on the ocean ecosystem. (Plastics, acidification, coral bleaching, etc.)
  14. Mass extinctions. How many have there been?
  15. Seasons. Why doe Earth have seasons?
  16. How has the moon aided Earth in developing complex life?
  17. Mars and Earth. Why is Earth an oasis for life while mars is a dead rock in space?
  18. The BIG BANG (not the TV show.) What’s the evidence for the Big Bang? When did it occur? How long after the Big Bang did Earth form?
  19. The rock cycle on Earth. What runs the rock cycle and how does the rock cycle both influence evolution and give us evidence for evolution?
  20. Radioactive decay. What is it and how is it described by probability?

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

05.10.2023 - Wednesday -

 ... more Final Exam review notes. We concluded "Hidden Figures" in class today :-)