Friday, August 28, 2020

Notes for Thursday / Friday classes updated. 08.27.2020 (Homework attached.)

Optional notes from the video on Weds.

Links to our book beyond this class ...

Our text is also out there on our Google Classroom ... Links for CPO - Focus on Life Science - Text Some places where the book is being used beyond our school …

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Notes and video for 08.25.2020 - 08.25.2020

Hi ... Here's the link to the YouTube video that goes along with our first interactive student niotebook pages.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Google classroom codes

Google Class codes - Grade 7 Science - Forbes (Period 1 vlkbvw4) (Period 2 5kivr5b) (Period 3 5fi6qpn) (Period 4 5lhtrox) (Period 6 m5kjbpl)

08.23.2020 - Sunday -

Seventh Grade Science – Room B1 – Scott Forbes – Welcome to Seventh Grade and Science class at Ingrid B. Lacy! I’m excited for this unique school year and am posting this new syllabus to guide us through distance learning. We’ll be preparing the students for eighth grade and high school while following the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We’ll use a combination of “live” teaching (synchronous) and on-line resources (asynchronous) to be sure students are learning and experiencing science as we would if we were in a traditional classroom. While there’s no substitute for being in an actual science lab with our classmates there’s plenty of content and opportunities for covering all of the seventh grade standards. For success in this class we’ve tried to keep everything as straightforward as possible while we protect students and our community from Covid 19. Required materials: We’ll have a NOTEBOOK for science class. While, during in-person learning, notebooks might be a bit more “free-form;” for this class we’ll be very specific on what should be found on each page. At the beginning of class we’ll put the date on the left side of the notebook page and well use the left page for notes and lecture and the right side for labs and bookwork. For checking work, the teacher may ask for a picture of a specific date. With in-class learning this would be available to the student as a resource during a quiz. Since we are distance learning, a “quiz” might take the following form: “Please send the teacher your notes and lab for Monday, August 24th.” – A student has to, simply, keep his/her notebook up-to-date to keep up and excel in our science class. Links are sent out for our currently scheduled “Zoom” meeting. Please join the meeting on time, using your “school” name. (Your name as it appears on your report card.) Please don’t use nicknames or initials, as the teacher will be taking roll at the beginning of each meeting. Classes will begin with “live” teaching and will transition to Labs and bookwork for the right side of the notebook for that day’s work. While the block of time for classes is 80 minutes, that does not mean we’ll be on-line for 80 minutes! (That would be far too long to be “on-line” in a meeting.) Instead, 80 minutes is our block of time and the first 15 to 20 minutes will be the “live” portion. Tests will be assigned, periodically. Those may be typed and turned in via Google classroom. Offline teaching will be facilitated by YouTube videos, our on-line text book, and our notes – which will be updated at my BLOG at the following address ( - Please check the BLOG as that has been the most useful tool for myself, parents, and administration as a place to keep up-to-date with the class. I’ll post links to PDF versions of our text and, together, we’ll explore the science curriculum and LABS that will prepare us for eighth grade and beyond! I absolutely love the subject and am privileged to be teaching here in Pacifica. I answer all emails as soon as possible, always trying for that 24-hour turn-around time. Email volume has increased, a bit, during distance learning.

Friday, August 21, 2020

08.21.2020 - Friday -

 August 21st - Friday - Science - Forbes B1 -


I.  Good morning:  One, final, introduction video posted last night before we jump into the 2020-21 school year. Here's the YouTube link for the video clip.



         B.  Comparing a science experiment to a golf swing in this one … The scientific process is all about designing a good experiment, controlling variables, and checking out your results so you can refine your theory.


II.  Classes on Monday:  The ZOOM meeting codes will be posted in our Google Classroom based on your class period.  I'll keep the Zoom codes in Google classroom so it's only for those students enrolled in IBL - the Zoom link won't be on the blog. (


III.  Materials:  For Monday, August 24th please have a notebook ready to go and a pen or pencil with which to write.


IV.  Please join the Zoom meeting with your name as it appears on IBL forms. 

         A.  Example: I'd use:  "Scott Forbes". (Full first and last name.) Not "Surfer dude". "-). …. We'll be taking roll and getting to know our classmates.


V.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


VI.  Quick shoutout:  Our friend and colleague - Ms. Eifert, is out there helping rescue horses and other animals from the wildfires. 'Happened to talk with some rescuers, last night, in Montara. THANK YOU, Kristi,!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

08.20.2020 - Thursday -

 August 20th - Thursday - 2020 - Science - Mr. Forbes -


I.  Current events: Air quality is expected to be poor today due to the wildfires nearby. Take care not to exercise outside.


II.  Class code to join our Google Classroom:  cbvqnsv


III.  Science notebook:  We learn and remember more deeply when we hand write notes rather than type them. Printing out the notes and placing them in an interactive student notebook doesn't count as taking notes. Your notebook is yours to keep and use as a reference.

         A.  Occasionally, a "pop" quiz (in our new "distance learning" environment) might mean sending in a picture from a specific page of your notebook; so be sure to keep up with our science investigations.


III.  Try and keep track of the lengths of a specific shadow at a specific time of day, if possible, this week.


Citation #1:


Pod Cast recommendation:  (Science Vs.)


IV.  Today's YouTube link:

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

08.19.2020 - Wednesday -

 August 19th - 2020 - Wednesday - Science -


Link to today's YouTube video notes:


(Remember; you don't have to write down today's notes. We're just getting things up-to-speed for this school year.)


I.  Current Events: California fires.    

         A.  The city of Pacifica woke to ash covering cars and homes as wildfires, started by last week's lightning, merged and grew.

         B.  The California fire season - usually August through November - has been getting longer because of climate change.


ASIDE:  Look up the Oakland Hills fire or 1991. A warm, off-shore breeze and dry conditions caused a huge fire storm in the Bay Area.


II.  Observation skills and science:  Two scientists that we'll learn about this school year are Darwin and Fleming … Both used OBSERVATION SKILLS to change the history of science. 

         A.  Darwin: For his observations aboard the HMS Beagle.

         B.  Fleming:  For his observations that led to the wide-spread use of penicillin.


ASIDE:  When you see words or phrases CAPITALIZED please look them up. Be sure to define these KEY TERMS.


III.  Observation practice:  Locate a convenient object outside. (Tree, house, pole, you, etc.).    

         A.  Note the time and date and mark the length of the shadow.

         B.  Predict:  When you return at the exact same time of day will the shadow be longer, shorter, or will it not have changed?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

08.18.2020 - Tuesday - More classroom introductions and tours -

                                                      August 18th - Tuesday - 2020 -


I.  Video tour of classroom and subject matter. Link to today's YouTube greeting…




II.  Hi everyone! The first videos are a bit "clunky" but I hope they serve to introduce your classroom, the subject matter, and your teacher for the 2020-21 school year. Looking forward to a year of discovery and learning! Please have a notebook ready-to-go Monday so we can jump right in.


         - S. Forbes

Monday, August 17, 2020

08.17.2020 - Monday - Introduction to the 2020-21 school year!

 Date:  08.17.2020


Mr. Forbes – Science – Room B1- Ingrid B. Lacy –


I.              Welcome to Middle School science and a year of discovery and preparing for high school together. Some important links are below.

                     A.  Current events:

                         B.  Materials needed for this class:

                           1.  Spiral bound notebook:  Wide or narrow ruled.

                           2.  Pens and pencils with at least four different colors.

                           3.  Calculator.

                   C.  Link to my YouTube channel:


                  D.  The URL of this blog:


II.  My favorite quote from naturalist John Muir: 

         "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

              A.  In this class we'll focus on the science standards for NGSS that are the "overarching concepts" as well as a special focus on tie-ins with local science and how what we learn in class is connected with the larger world beyond our screens and books.

                  B.  My personal goal - for Middle School - has always been to prepare students for the rigors of high school and instill a love and appreciation of science and the scientific process. 

                  C.  I would argue that now, more than ever, students - and our community as a whole - needs the process of science to navigate complicated issues such as our response to Covid 19, our environmental challenges, and the sustainability of our world.


III.  Final word: While there are obvious challenges with distance learning there are also many opportunities for being self-directed, engaged students. Middle School is a time when students have more opportunities to explore subjects and interests of their own choice.  Science class can be one of the ways we begin a lifelong adventure of exploration and discovery.