Thursday, August 20, 2020

08.20.2020 - Thursday -

 August 20th - Thursday - 2020 - Science - Mr. Forbes -


I.  Current events: Air quality is expected to be poor today due to the wildfires nearby. Take care not to exercise outside.


II.  Class code to join our Google Classroom:  cbvqnsv


III.  Science notebook:  We learn and remember more deeply when we hand write notes rather than type them. Printing out the notes and placing them in an interactive student notebook doesn't count as taking notes. Your notebook is yours to keep and use as a reference.

         A.  Occasionally, a "pop" quiz (in our new "distance learning" environment) might mean sending in a picture from a specific page of your notebook; so be sure to keep up with our science investigations.


III.  Try and keep track of the lengths of a specific shadow at a specific time of day, if possible, this week.


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Pod Cast recommendation:  (Science Vs.)


IV.  Today's YouTube link:

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