Friday, August 21, 2020

08.21.2020 - Friday -

 August 21st - Friday - Science - Forbes B1 -


I.  Good morning:  One, final, introduction video posted last night before we jump into the 2020-21 school year. Here's the YouTube link for the video clip.



         B.  Comparing a science experiment to a golf swing in this one … The scientific process is all about designing a good experiment, controlling variables, and checking out your results so you can refine your theory.


II.  Classes on Monday:  The ZOOM meeting codes will be posted in our Google Classroom based on your class period.  I'll keep the Zoom codes in Google classroom so it's only for those students enrolled in IBL - the Zoom link won't be on the blog. (


III.  Materials:  For Monday, August 24th please have a notebook ready to go and a pen or pencil with which to write.


IV.  Please join the Zoom meeting with your name as it appears on IBL forms. 

         A.  Example: I'd use:  "Scott Forbes". (Full first and last name.) Not "Surfer dude". "-). …. We'll be taking roll and getting to know our classmates.


V.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


VI.  Quick shoutout:  Our friend and colleague - Ms. Eifert, is out there helping rescue horses and other animals from the wildfires. 'Happened to talk with some rescuers, last night, in Montara. THANK YOU, Kristi,!!!

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