Wednesday, August 19, 2020

08.19.2020 - Wednesday -

 August 19th - 2020 - Wednesday - Science -


Link to today's YouTube video notes:


(Remember; you don't have to write down today's notes. We're just getting things up-to-speed for this school year.)


I.  Current Events: California fires.    

         A.  The city of Pacifica woke to ash covering cars and homes as wildfires, started by last week's lightning, merged and grew.

         B.  The California fire season - usually August through November - has been getting longer because of climate change.


ASIDE:  Look up the Oakland Hills fire or 1991. A warm, off-shore breeze and dry conditions caused a huge fire storm in the Bay Area.


II.  Observation skills and science:  Two scientists that we'll learn about this school year are Darwin and Fleming … Both used OBSERVATION SKILLS to change the history of science. 

         A.  Darwin: For his observations aboard the HMS Beagle.

         B.  Fleming:  For his observations that led to the wide-spread use of penicillin.


ASIDE:  When you see words or phrases CAPITALIZED please look them up. Be sure to define these KEY TERMS.


III.  Observation practice:  Locate a convenient object outside. (Tree, house, pole, you, etc.).    

         A.  Note the time and date and mark the length of the shadow.

         B.  Predict:  When you return at the exact same time of day will the shadow be longer, shorter, or will it not have changed?

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