Friday, May 20, 2022

05.20.2022 - "Plastic Ocean"

 Scott Forbes

Hi Scientists; As we have some students out today, 'wanted to get the notes out early. There will be a write up (or video) to expand on these as this is one of THE most important units of the year and we are getting ready for our Week #37 final exam. (Twenty questions.) The unit is important because it brings together all of our lessons as we face one of the most pressing problems on our planet; Plastic Pollution. Fourteen million tons (14,000,000 x 2,000 = 28,000,000,000 POUNDS!) end up in the ocean every year. This problem is projected to triple by the year 2050. Seventh grade science standards focus on the human impact to our environment. Being, literally, next to the ocean - this subject is especially important to Pacificans. SF

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Saturday - February 12th - Note home / links

 Hi Scientists; A reminder that our Week #24 quiz is open all the way through the weekend. On Friday we studied longitude, latitude, and reefs and found that most coral reefs lie between 30 degrees North Lat. and 30 degrees South Lat. The link to the quiz is below.Please check out the science news link as it brings together two, important, subjects we've studied: ocean health /plastics (polymers) and coral reefs. Have a good weekend! - Scott Forbes

Quiz Link: Week #24 Quiz
Week #24 quiz link:

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Science News Link:

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

02.02.2022 - Wednesday - Week #23 -

 Hi Scientists; Here's a few screen shots of the notes from today along with a link to our Week #23 quiz. We're tying together of studies of Earth Science with physiology. Happy Wednesday!

Test Link:
Access Code: SAKGN2K

Scott Forbes