Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Oct. 25th (continued)

 Hi Scientists;

Attached are a few pics of our HMH book, in-class Animal Cells sheet, and Week #11 Key terms (Concepts.)
The HMH assignment is pages 91-94 (Due Friday.) Legos on the color-in sheet today were used in class to compare Amino Acids and proteins (monomers and polymers) Finally, the fish tank was filled with a few gallons of fresh water followed by a pint of pond water from Linda Mar (near the Ace Hardware.) It's become quite a protist party so tomorrow we'll be looking at our once-celled friends under our microscopes. Students will be challenged to distinguish between producers and consumers. (And, some protists that can do both!)
Happy Tuesday!
Scott Forbes - www.pacificascience.org

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