Friday, September 18, 2020

Week #5 Test - Due Wednesday 09.23.2020 - 3:00 pm

Week #5 Test- Due Wednesday 09.23.2020 15:00

This is a short answer test. Please refer to our assigned readings from chapters one and two in our text, as well as our notes. Please notice that the tests and assignments all build on each other, which is why it's important to keep a complete and organized interactive student notebook. Simply write your answers (no need to write the questions) and email them to me before the due date (Wednesday at 3:00 pm.) - Thanks!

1.  what is the difference between atoms and molecules?

2.  Please write ONE complete Current Events note from any time during our last two weeks. EXAMPLE:  The fires in California this season have consumed more timber than in any other fire season in California history.

3.  Why is the Metric System (SI) easier to use for science than the Imperial System (feet. miles, pounds, etc) that's still used in the United states?

4.  What atoms combine, and in what quantities, to make; (The first is given as an example.). 

A.  Water: A combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

B.  Carbon Dioxide:

C.  Methane:

D.  Oxygen gas that's released in PHOTOSYNTHESIS:

5. In our science notebooks we did a leaf rubbing. Name THREE of the things that you thought the leaf rubbing resembled.

A.  Example answer given in class: It looked like a satellite picture of a river system.




6.  (From our reading.). Name FIVE (5) characteristics of living things.

7.  (From our reading and our lab.). You've completed and experiment and you now graph the results on an X and Y axis. When you plot the data, you notice that the points on your graph do NOT make a straight line but, instead, are scattered randomly. What conclusions could you make about the relationship between your independent variable and the dependent variable?

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