Friday, February 12, 2021

Week #22 Notes - Part II -

 Hi Scientists;

Here's some screen shots from the notes (02.11 / 02.12). The YouTube video link was sent and is live. Our week 22 quiz is due by the end of today. The eleven (11) Human Body Systems are our Key Terms for Week #23 (after break.) Finally, there's an optional, extra-credit assignment due no later than February 21st - (Page 143 from the text, questions one through eight - simply send a picture of your work like we do with the Key Terms each week.)

The notes and video are designed to go along with Dr. Guccione's lessons.  Have a wonderful week and see you on the 22nd and 23rd. :-)

Scott Forbes

PS ... including a pic of the wildlife that's watching over your field here at IBL until we're back from social distancing. Canadian Geese. They only have to worry about the coyote that's been visiting and the occasional errant golf ball shot from a science teacher on break :-)

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