Monday, January 31, 2022

January 31st - Notes recap

 Week #23 - January 31st - Monday - 

Recap and today’s notes:  Last week (week #22) we didn’t have a quiz. We watched a bit of “Contagion” - selected clips - that showed a story with “patient zero” and the exponential spread of a virus - which was illustrated in class by our guest scientists who used cups, acid indicator, and random mixing as a way to show how quickly a pathogen can spread in a community.  

     I.  Today - We began with a “Brainpop” on CYSTIC FiBROSIS:  

A.  The gene for Cystic Fibrosis is recessive (a review of Punnet Squares from three weeks ago.) 

B.  It’s an inherited - or genetic - disease. Which means it cannot be caught from someone.

C.  There’s promise with GENE THERAPY.  

1.  One of the lessons, over the past few weeks, was about the genome and how viruses are wonderful at invading cells and taking over their internal organelles to make copies of themselves. Gene thereat proposes that we use viruses (or lysosomes) to “invade” solvated cells and “fix” the DNA that codes for Cystic Fibrosis.

II.  Part Two of class reviewed our study of the lungs and heart (we’re beginning HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS) and we are asked, as homework, to find the MEAN, MEDIAN, and MODE of the heart rates (resting) of twenty classmates.  

A.  Much of the remaining weeks depends upon our earlier studies. Seventh grade science standards are far-ranging and we go into more detail - in these last dozen weeks - on subjects we introduced much earlier.)

B.  Students were asked (in our notes) to GRAPH the results.

III.  Our KEY TERMS for week #23:

A.  Carcinogenic.

B.  Cardiac Muscle.

C.  Skeletal Muscle.

D.  Smooth Muscle.

E.  Respiration.

F.  Photosynthesis.

` G.  Capillary

H.  Alveoli.

I.  Mucus

J.  Blood Pressure.

K.  Ventricle.

L. Atrium

IV.  Bill Bye - Fifteen minute clip where we see an actual heart bypass operation.

V.  As we move into HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS we’re focussing on pathology. Studying the heart and lungs we want to understand how and why vaping and smoking affect the cardiovascular system and the social issues around trying to keep kids healthy.

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