Wednesday, August 16, 2023

08.16.2023 - Science and Environmental Studies

 08.16.2023 - All Classes. -

     Hi Students;

         Welcome back! This is the site to check for assignments and notes (

     Similar lessons, today, in both science and environmental science. 

  1. Homework (hw) - Students should have a spiral-bound notebook available for class. 10.5 x 7.5 inches min. College or Wide ruled.
    1. Pen, pencil, colored pencils, hand-sharpener, and glue sticks are required.
    2. We showed a one-minute clips from Taylor Swift (yes, Taylor Swift.) She was at her concert in Santa Clara and said to the crowd - “I have some observations … and questions about this observations ….” I had no idea she was a scientist too. A perfect preview of what we’ll be doing in all classes this school year. Observe, gather data (why we need a notebook,) question (“WHY is it like that?) Make, and test, hypothesis’.
    3. The Metric System - We reviewed some basics of the Metric System.
      1. It’s based on the number ten (10.)
      2. We measured the SURFACE AREA of our desks and, in some classes, the area of the floor of the room.
        1. The challenge - What UNITS do we use? (Centi - Milli - Deca - etc.)

II.  Students were assigned seats and were introduced to their lab groups.

A.  Seat assignments will change, about, once per month so that students have the chance to work with a variety of partners.

  B.  Quizzes and tests are, often, open-note - which is why it’s especially important to take good, complete notes in class.

III.  Looking forward to another year of discovery and learning!

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