Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The note home: 11.15.2023

 Hi Scientists;

This is meant for all classes - especially science. The overarching theme of this class is about protecting our BIOSPHERE, which took four billion years to evolve, in the face of a Mass Extinction. To that end we've been studying atoms, molecules, Earth systems, and engineering / physics before we settle down to focus on biology. Attached are board pics with today's notes and a pdf of the write up that can be found at 
    Last Thursday I saw a mountain lion that was, unfortunately, dead along highway 280 while I returned to school in the morning. Today I found out that she had cubs but the cubs were, fortunately, saved, I think this is a good analogy for our class. On one hand when we learn about environmental problems it can seem "doom and gloom." (Which is, certainly how I felt when I saw the mountain lion near the Millbrae exit.) However, people stepped in and found the cubs and saved them! That shows that humans can both be causing some environmental challenges - but humans can also help save our biosphere.  (The cubs will live at the Oakland Zoo where they'll help educate future generations about our fragile ecosystem.)
     We have the guest scientists visiting tomorrow and will wrap up "The Martian" on Friday (with an at-home, online quiz due by the end of break - Ten questions, multiple choice.)
     Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Scott Forbes -

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