Friday, January 12, 2024

01.12.2024 - Friday -

 House Assignment - 01.12.2024 - Friday -

  1. Artist conception of your house … Add color!


A.  What STATE will your house be located?

B.  Based on the CLIMATE; What materials make sense for having an energy efficient house?

1.  Is heating an issue in cold winters? Does it regularly freeze in the winter? Are there issues with mold, pests, termites, etc?

C.  Energy - what will you incorporate into your house to help offset energy bills?

1. Solar Power?

2.  Wind power?

3.  Passive light?

D.  What is the fresh water situation in your home?

1.  City water supply?

2. Wells?

3.  Collect rain water?

III.  Insulation - Are you trying to keep heat in and cold out or the other way around?

IV.  Landscaping details - What will it look like OUTSIDE your windows? Plants? etc.

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