Monday, January 29, 2024

Environmental Science - January 29th - Monday - Week #22

 Raising Food in California 

  1. Choose a crop, food item, agricultural product that you consume. The crop must be a California product (although, other states can raise it as well.) Examples: Almonds, Beef, chicken, oranges, salmon, crab … etc.
  2. Make one slide for each of the following.
    1. Show a map and point out the major regions where your crop or item. Is grown and produced in California.
    2. How much WATER does your item need (annually.)
    3. Environmental impact of your food item. (For example - If it is bottled water be sure to include the plastic in the bottling, the transportation costs to get the water to market, the place where the water is bottled.)
    4. Any pesticides, chemicals, or other ingredients that are regulated by the government in the production of your item.
    5. What is the DEMAND for your food item? Is demand increasing or decreasing?
    6. Where is your item originally from? How did it get to California?

III. Remember … this is a SLIDE show (Presentation) so each slide must contain a picture or diagram that relates to the slide and your chosen item.

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