Monday, May 6, 2024

Environmental Science - Presentation

 Pacifica Environmental research presentation … Choose one of the following.

300 word minimum. Your own words … not a “cut and paste” or AI generated document.

Sources: Cite a minimum of three (3) sources.

Five slides (minimum) required - the words may be distributed however you like amongst the slides.


Identify the environmental issue and propose a viable solution.

  1.   Leaching of toxic chemicals from the former land fill at Mussel Rock.
  2.   Road kill. Animals prevented from crossing the barriers along the highway One corridor.
  3.   Biodiversity: Invasive species and the threat to indigenous species in Pacifica.
  4.   Tourism: Impact (especially during summer weekend) of people and traffic to Pacifica. The impact on beaches and local infrastructure and how to accommodate tourists in an environmentally sensitive way. For example; trash in non-recyclable containers left at Linda Mar State Beach.
  5. Degradation of local hiking trails caused by the use of e-bikes and people illegally ignoring local laws and using motorcycles on hiking trails.
  6. Non recyclable containers being used by local businesses when, often, this containers find their way to the local beaches.
  7. Tide pool damage caused by illegal collecting and plastic trash.
  8. Large scale dumping of land fill into the area known as “The Quarry.”
  9. Water pollution in the creeks of Pacifica. Be sure to include all of the creeks that flow through Pacifica and reach the ocean.
  10.   Urban Sprawl: The increasing need for housing balanced against a community that is at its limit in terms of traffic on the one, main, highway.
  11.   Rodent control. Controlling mice and rats without using deadly poisons.
  12.   Landscaping in an environmentally conscious way. Especially using low-water use landscaping and no pesticides.
  13. Rising sea levels. How will rising sea levels affect Pacifica?
  14. People living in vans, busses, and other vehicles in Pacifica. How does this affect the local environment (example - Waste disposal) and what steps can be taken to find a positive solution for everyone involved?
  15. Open topic - Teacher approval required. 

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