Tuesday, May 14, 2024

May 14th - Environmental Studies

 Environmental Science

05.14.2024 - Tuesday - 

Answer on the paper (provided) - Due Today

  1. Web search - California Air Quality
    1. Where does most of California’s air pollution come from?
    2. What is a “Spare the Air Day?”
    3. How many “Spare the Air” days did California have in 2023?
    4. What is the current trend in California Air pollution? (Is it increasing or decreasing?) Show data to back up your answer.
    5. Why does California add significant taxes to every gallon of gasoline?
    6. Where does most of the tax money collected (on gasoline) go? (Make a pi chart to show your answer visually.)
    7. Name three things the average citizen of California can do to improve California air quality.
    8. Of the air pollution that reaches California from elsewhere, where is it generated?
    9. What FORM does this air pollution take? 
    10. How is climate change expected to affect California Air Quality in the next ten years?

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