Thursday, September 21, 2023

09.21.2023 - Week #6 Quiz Study Guide

 Week #6 - Quiz Study Guide- 

  1. Pendulum experiment.
    1. What was the independent variable?
    2. What was the dependent variable?
    3. What affected the PERIOD of the pendulum?
    4. When graphing the data, can we predict the period of longer string lengths?

II.  Galileo

A.  Why is Galileo often viewed as the person who gave us the scientific method?

B.  What did Galileo discover about falling objects.

C. When did Galileo live?

III.  Celsius vs Fahrenheit

A.  How do we convert between the two temperature scales?

IV.  Elements.

A.  What is an element?

B.  What are the most important elements for LIFE?

C.  How is the Periodic table organized?

D.  How do elements (atoms) combine to make molecules or compounds?

E.  What are the particles that make up and atom and what are their charges?

V.  States of matter.

A. Name the four states of matter we saw and arrange the states in order from least amount of kinetic energy to greatest.

VI.  Name the four (4) forces of nature.

VII.  Equations.  What does each letter represent in;

A.  D = M / V

B.  E = M C^2

C.  S = D / T

VIII.  Conversion factors.

A.  What is a conversion factor? (Give an example.)

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