Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 Note home: 03.10.2021

Week 24 and Week 25 tests.

Hi Scientists:

Below is the link to this week’s test. (WEEK 25) – ALSO, below, is the link for last week’s test. BOTH tests are now “live” and will be available to take through 03.13.2021 – Saturday.

     We are in week 25 and we know that there is an on-line assessment every week. I had quite a few emails asking for last week’s test to be re-opened as it was not taken for various reasons.  We have a WEEKLY test and it’s the responsibility of the student to take them. If it is missed, it is a zero in the gradebook. This far into the year we know what is expected and as we do not have as many assignments (due to distance learning) the students are expected to complete the on-line assessment and one other assignment each week. I’m aware that distance learning is quite challenging. However, ALL of the material in your on-line assessments are in our text and our notes. Please refer to the blog and your Google Classroom to obtain any missing notes. Also, take the time to review the YouTube videos.


Scott Forbes

Week 24 test link and access code:

Access code:  488YLL

Week 25 assessment and access code:

Access Code:  XT6MSG

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