Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Week 27 Rover Assignment


Week 27 – Rover Assignment – 


     Turn in either a drawing of, or a picture of, your “Egg drop” experiment from earlier in the week. OR turn in a picture of your budget for your Egg Drop. OR, if you did not have the packet and you were unable to do the experiment; answer the following questions and turn them in via email. 

  1. 1. Why are we looking for signs of life on Mars? In other words, what’s so special about Mars that it may have once (or may still) have life?
  2. 2.Why does the distance between Mars and Earth vary so greatly?
  3. 3.Look up ANY of the rovers that we have sent to Mars.
    1. a.What was its name?
    2. b.When did it launch?
    3. c.When did it arrive at Mars?
    4. d.How long did it successfully operate?
    5. e.What was learned from the mission?

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