Thursday, March 11, 2021

Week 25b - Notes and link to video

March 11 / 12 – Week 25b – Science – 

The CAPITALIZED TERMS are our KEY TERMS for week 26.

Remember: Test 24 and 25 are, currently, “live.” Please be sure to take the tests before 03.13.2021 – Saturday at 9:00 pm. All of the material covered in the on-line assessments is in our text and notes.

  1. I. The tallest person ever was almost nine feet tall. The reason he became so tall was due to his ENDOCRINE system, a series of GLANDS that use HORMONES (chemical messengers – often proteins - ) to signal cells to do certain things. In the case of a nine-foot person; his PITUITARY gland never sent a chemical signal to stop growing.
  2. II. The glands and HORMONES regulate:
    1. a. Growth and development.
    2. b. Reproduction
    3. c. METABOLISM
    4. d. Responses to STRESS.
    5. III. GLANDS of the ENDOCRINE system:
    6. a. Hypothalamus:  Controls the Pituitary
    7. b. Pituitary:  Growth
    8. c. Thyroid:  METABOLISM
    9. d. Parathyroid:  Regulates calcium in the blood
    10. e. Adrenal: “Fight or flight” response.
    11. f. Pancreas:  Regulates blood sugar.
    12. g. Pineal:  Melatonin. (Sleep / wake cycles)
    13. h. Ovaries / Testes: Female / Male sex hormones and cells
    14. IV. Strange Days on Planet Earth:  Follow the link to the first 15 minutes of this episode of Strange Days …
    15. V. This episode – in the first fifteen minutes, brings together much of what we’ve done since September in this class. The most important highlights include:
    16. a. We’ve studies water as a universal solvent.  UC Berkeley biologist Tyrone B. Hayes follows the trail of a weed killing chemical that is widely used in the United States. The name of the weed killer is Atrazine and it has been implicated in damage to the ENDOCRINE system of frogs.
    17. b. Frogs are AMPHIBIANS: They live in, and depend on, water for part of their life cycle.
    18. c. Humans are exposed to ENDOCRINE disruptors through plastics on a daily basis. It’s nearly impossible, in modern life, to go through a day without using plastic. However, many chemicals in plastics may be hurting our ENDOCRINE system.
    19. VI. Addition Key Terms for week 26
    20. a. BRAIN
    21. b. SPINAL CORD
    22. c. NERVE CELL
    23. d. AXON
    24. e. DENDRITE

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