Sunday, August 29, 2021

08.27.2021 notes - Friday - Week #2 -


08.27.2021 - Friday - 

  1. Volume … Our first FORMULA this year in science. (A great math tie-in too!)
    1. Density = Mass / Volume. 
    2. Volume is how much space matter takes up. 
    3. Example and ENVIRONMENT tie in - We used a block of styrofoam (polystyrene) to show something with low mass. Styrofoam floats and is terrible for our oceans as birds and sea life mistake it for food. As polystyrene never decays, it is persistent in our oceans. (When I was about eight years old my brother and I accidentally broke a “bean bag” chair full of styrofoam in our backyard in Millbrae, CA. Despite our attempts to clean it all, a decade later we could still - occasionally - find styrofoam in our garden!) 

II.  Formula triangle:  D = Density. M = Mass. V = Volume.

III.  Tides:  High (in Pacifica) 2;22 am and 2:41 pm / Low 8:21 am and 9:20 pm

The Moon is a waning gibbous - 75 % - The moonrise was 10:45 pm and the moon set at 11:44 am.

VI.  Golf Ball Bound LAB revisited: Today, we bounced the golf ball from 120 cm.  Can we use our DATA from yesterday to PREDICT how high it will bounce before we bounce it? 


VII. Disney - “Imagineering”. We wrapped up the day (After the lab) watching a few minutes from a Disney video where they discussed the science of thrill rides. Disney calls their engineers, “Imagineers.” Five facts from the video … Answers may vary … Here are three of mine …

A.  Keep a notebook handy at all times. You never know when inspiration might hit.

B.  All objects fall at the same rate when air resistance is not a factor.

C.  MASS and WEIGHT are not the same thing. For example, you would have different weights on different planets in our Solar System.

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