Monday, August 16, 2021

WEEK 1 - Welcome Back!


     Welcome back to IBL! As we prepare for in-person learning and the 21/22 school year there are a few things we can have ready-to-go so we can hit the ground running and prepare for the rigors of middle and high school science.

I.  The class rules in B1 will look familiar and are consistent with the other classes at IBL.  Prompt, polite, prepared, and positive.  We’ll be getting to know our classmates and curriculum as we explore science through labs, notes, and experiments. The most important tools we can bring to class, along with an open mind, are …

A.  A notebook. Spiral bound or a binder. If you choose a spiral-bound notebook please have a glue stick available for the handouts we’ll occasionally be asked to place in our books. This tool is listed first because it is, by far, the most important. While we use the texts and have various presentations and labs, our notebooks are our science record of learning and exploration. Each day expect to fill two pages … one on the left side (notes) and one on the right side (labs, homework, activities, diagrams, etc.)

B.  Weekly assessments:  The tests are on-line and - as we are allowed to use our science notebooks - tests are cumulative. This means that material from any previous week might show up on a quiz or test, which is why it’s important to keep a good notebook.

C.  Colored pencils are required for the notebook. Often diagrams, like molecule models, require different colors to help students grasp the concepts. At least four other colors will help with organizing notes.

         II.  While the materials list is not extensive, I would like to point out the important requirements in this science class.

A.  All notes from class will be posted in your Google Classroom and at my website ( Also, I will post videos via YouTube for review and clarifications. Here is the ONE thing that all students must do … WRITE your notes! While the notes are posted in case of an absence or if a point was missed during class, the physical act of WRITING your notes is essential. It helps students both review the material and remember the concepts. Multiple studies confirm that writing (not typing or simply printing out the teacher’s notes) helps solidify the information in our mind. The writing volume is not great, but the payoff is tremendous.

B.  There will be spot checks on the notebooks throughout the year, usually in the form of asking for a picture or scan from a specific date. The notes are organized by the week number and date and all notes are posted within a day or two of class.

     III.  As we move forward into 2021-22 school year it has never been more important to understand science concepts. From climate change to Covid-19, we are in a world where understanding science is critical to our future and I am excited to help guide the students through the curriculum and prepare the students for high school and beyond!

Scott Forbes

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