Friday, March 29, 2024

03.29.2024 - Friday - Environmental Studies - Week #29 - wrap up slide show.

 Week #29

Environmental Science


  1. You’ve been tasked to build a “Tiny House.” (No more than 500 interior square feet.) There are several websites that feature small-house designs. Slide one: Find a picture of a small house that most-closely looks like your vision for YOUR house.
  2. Slide Two:  We studied passive energy saving tips this week. Ways to incorporate energy saving into the design of any home so the home-owner is not incurring large monthly costs. Name three (3) PASSIVE energy savings you will incorporate into your home. Display a picture of a least one of them.
  3. We’re focusing on California for this assignment. Part of the assignment is building a home appropriate to the California BIOME where it will be build. Display a picture of the BIOME and name three (3) design considerations that you’ll have to take into account to live in your chosen environment. (For example; how will your design for a desert home be different for a design for a home in the high Sierra?)
  4. Slide four:  We watched “The Biggest Little farm - The Return” this week. You will be asked to rise at least food crop or thing, on your land near the tiny house, in an effort to be independent and sustainable. What will you raise (Corn? Tomatoes? Apples? Chickens? Trout? … etc.) and what are the requirement fro your food “crop?”
  5. Slide five:  What is an energy-saving feature you can incorporate into your tiny house BASED ON THE BIOME IN WHICH IT IS LOCATED? (Wind power? Solar Power? Water Power? etc.) Display a picture of the power you chose.

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