Thursday, March 21, 2024

March 21st - Environmental Science -

 Environmental Science - 03.21.2024 - Due today

  1. Use your Chromebook. (Phone if you need to - for the picture - )
  2. Taking no more than five minutes, snap a photo of. Species on the school yard. (Bird, tree, insect, etc - NOT a human.)
  3. Returning to the classroom do a writeup (Slideshow) that includes the following. Use as many slides as needed, but be sure to include your picture.

  1. What is the COMMON NAME of your species?
  2. What is the SCIENTIFIC NAME of your species?
  3. When did your species arrive in California?
  4. Would you consider your species to be native or invasive? Why?
  5. What is the RANGE of your species? (Where is it, generally, found.)
  6. Going back in time two hundred years … Name five (5) species that might have been seen here if you were in this exact place in 1824.
  7. Of the five species you named; Write a brief explanation of WHY or WHY NOT you would see this species here, in Pacifica, today?

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